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Where does udon come from?

Although there is a strong current that affirms that udon was invented in China, we can affirm that udon is typical of traditional Asian food, in general, with strong roots, in fact, in Japanese food.

Traveling to 6th century Japan would mean finding the origin of udon in this country. It was then that a “fideo”, which was nothing more than a flat tortilla between 6 and 8 mm in diameter, is believed to have been made for the first time. Originally, the use of udon was to add it to miso soup and, from that moment on, it became so popular that it is now possible to find an udon restaurant anywhere in the world.

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What is udon?

From its Asian origins, udon has evolved over the centuries to become one of the favorite dishes of many people. So much so, that they even look for an udon restaurant in their city to enjoy its delicious taste.

The udon itself is a thick noodle made from wheat flour. Its texture, somewhat sticky, makes it ideal for the preparation of soup or broth type dishes and recipes.

The reason is mainly due to its thickness. The udon noodle has a diameter of 2 or 3 mm when dry, reaching more than half a centimeter once cooked.

That’s why it’s so important that you find a good udon restaurant near you and enjoy real (and delicious) Asian food recipes at home.

How is udon prepared?

As we were saying, udon is often preferred in soups or broths in any udon restaurant. However, it is a dish that has been triumphing in kitchens all over the world for so many centuries that variety in elaborations should be the key.

Therefore, it can be said that udon can be cooked with or without broth, hot or cold, accompanied by vegetables, meat or seafood…

In addition to the above, some udon restaurants also offer the possibility of tasting them with different types of tempura (seafood, vegetable, curry, bamboo…).

And, of course, from Hits Noodles, we recommend that you try all its variations in an authentic udon restaurant. It will be a gastronomic experience like no other!

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How to find an authentic udon restaurant?

Finding an authentic udon restaurant and starting to taste the authentic recipes made with these thick noodles is easier than you think.

Due to their great popularity, they have spread to many countries and a large part of their cities. You can start enjoying its flavors in an authentic udon restaurant is just around the corner!

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Although the success of udon is palpable, it is not easy to find an udon restaurant that prepares Asian recipes respecting all the nuances and flavors of each udon dish.

Therefore, in Hits Noodles you will find an original proposal of recipes made with udon noodles to delight with every bite at Zaragoza and Malaga among others.

Hits Noodles Restaurant

Hits Noodles is an udon restaurant that stays true to the flavors of traditional Asian recipes. Combine your udon dishes with Teriyaki sauce, soy sauce or try the original Pad Thai in each of our restaurants.

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