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Arroz frito servido con verduras mixtas y huevo al Wok.

Fried Rice

Fried rice served with mixed vegetables and wok egg.

Low Spice

Medium Spicy

Mucho Picante

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Are you a fan of Thai culture and like to eat rice dishes in these restaurants? Here are the best rice dishes from the Hits Noodles menu. In Thai cuisine they usually eat rice dishes fried rice, one of the main differences of this rice with respect to other fried rice. Asian food, is that it is made with Thai jasmine rice .

Why do we like to eat rice?

It is so important to eat rice of all kinds and with different ingredients that you want, since the main ingredient, rice, in addition to fiber, provides carbohydrates, water, protein, potassium, calcium, iron and vitamins.

We must be clear about two things when consuming this food: on the one hand, to know that rice is a cereal and on the other hand, that it is a complex carbohydrate that does not contain fat or sodium, its protein content is limited but higher than that of other cereals.

If you are an expert of Thai food and you love to eat rice inspired by Asian cuisine, you must come to know Hits Noodles restaurants. Located in Zaragoza, Malaga, Benalmadena and Algeciras.

You feel like Thai rice now, don’t you? You can enjoy our brand as one of the rice restaurants where you can enjoy  high quality rice dishes. 

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Thai Wok & Curries

Rice is the seed ofthe Oryza sativa plant. Its origin dates back some 10,000 years in Asia, but it was specifically China where the first crops of this cereal appeared, followed by Thailand, India and the rest of Asia. It later arrived in Spain thanks to the Arabs and, after multiple conquests, was established in the rest of Europe and America.

It is a cereal considered a staple food in many of the world’s cuisines and one of the most produced. The traditional method of cultivation is the flooding of the fields, during or after the implantation of the seedlings. This method requires careful planning, but reduces weed growth.

Rice is normally grown as an annual plant, although in humid, tropical regions it can survive as a perennial plant and produce crops for 30 years.

Obviously, if rice is one of the most produced cereals, between wheat and corn, it is because it is widely consumed and therefore requires a large labor force. Many of the inhabitants of the countries of origin are engaged in rice cultivation.

This cereal has different varieties that are commercialized and the most common in our diet and consumption are: long grain rice, medium grain rice, short grain rice, brown rice and wild rice, among others.

Rice is a simple food, but you must know how to combine it with the rest of the ingredients so that this dish is eye-catching and tasty. Our team will be responsible for surprising you. Enjoy eating thai rice with Hits Noodles!

To eat Thai rice dishes you must come to our restaurants or if you prefer, there is the possibility of sending it to your home. Here we present two dishes that triumph for their flavor and contrast.

Fried rice

The star dish of Hits Noodles with which we always triumph. It contains great ingredients, combining fried rice with a mix of assorted vegetables and wok egg. If you want a mixed dish, you can choose between chicken/chicken/chicken/chicken/chicken/prawn/prawn.

From our restaurants, we carry out its elaboration carefully and with unique ingredients so that you keep wanting to eat rice dishes of Thai culture and especially our star dish: fried rice.

Curry Rice & Thai Wok

It may be a special dish and less demanded by our customers, but it will not cease to be the right dish for curry lovers. An exclusive flavor thanks to the combination of ingredients and vitamins it possesses. Composed by the main ingredient wok sautéed rice, with a choice between chicken, beef or prawns and the essence of this great dish, choose between red, yellow or green curry.

Come and try them! We are waiting for you with a wide variety of dishes at Hits Noodles.