Restaurant Franchises in Asturias

With its rich gastronomic culture and growing interest in innovative and healthy culinary options, Asturias is positioned as the ideal place for to start a restaurant franchise.

Asturias, land of green landscapes, majestic mountains and coasts that capture the hearts of those who visit them, offers the perfect setting to start your adventure in the world of catering. Hits Noodles offers you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the gastronomic world with the backing of a consolidated brand loved by the most demanding palates.

By choosing Hits Noodles, you not only adopt a proven and guaranteed successful business model, but you also benefit from a recognized brand with a solid marketing strategy at your disposal. We provide you with everything you need to operate your business: from specialized training to access to our exclusive work materials, ensuring that every dish served is a memorable experience for your customers.

By joining our family of restaurant franchises in Asturias, you become part of a team passionate about culinary excellence and exceptional service.

Are you ready to start your adventure in the world of restaurant franchises in Asturias? Join Hits Noodles and start your journey to business success!

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Profitable restaurant franchises in Asturias

Starting a restaurant franchise in Asturias represents a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to combine a passion for gastronomy with a successful business model. Hits Noodles, with its distinctive offering of
Thai food
and its proven track record of success, is positioned as a privileged option for those who wish to secure a profitable investment in this market.

Strategic location: Asturias, with its rich culinary tradition and growing interest in international flavors, offers the perfect environment to establish a Hits Noodles franchise. Selecting a location that maximizes visibility and access is key to capturing the attention of both locals and tourists.

Brand recognition: The strength of a brand like Hits Noodles lies in its name recognition and customer loyalty. Investing in a franchise that already has an established image and a loyal customer base provides a solid foundation on which to build your success.

Ongoing support: A crucial factor to consider is the level of support and training offered. Hits Noodles distinguishes itself by providing its franchisees with a comprehensive package of training, marketing advice and quality supplies, ensuring that each franchise not only gets off on the right foot, but continues to thrive.

Adaptability and sustainability: The ability to adapt to market trends and local preferences, without losing sight of sustainability and commitment to the environment, are aspects that will resonate deeply with the Asturian community. Hits Noodles promotes responsible practices that reflect the values of its consumers, thus strengthening the bond with customers and the environment.

Starting a Hits Noodles franchise in Asturias is more than opening a restaurant; it is creating a space where culture, sustainability and love for gastronomy meet.

Hits Noodles

Discover Hits Noodles, the jewel of restaurant franchises in Asturias, which is revolutionizing the gastronomic scene with its sublime offer of Thai cuisine. This brand represents not only a restaurant, but an unprecedented culinary adventure that will conquer the most sophisticated diners.

Why is Hits Noodles an unbeatable choice? Its exceptional menu, full of authentic dishes and intense flavors, sets it apart in the industry. But that’s not all; Hits Noodles presents itself as an unparalleled investment opportunity. With successful establishments throughout the country, this franchise promises robust profitability for those who decide to be part of its growth in Asturias.

What truly sets Hits Noodles apart is its business model focused on continuous support and innovation. Each franchisee receives detailed training and resources to ensure their success, from marketing strategies to operational advice. This support infrastructure ensures that each Hits Noodles establishment in Asturias not only opens its doors with a solid proposal, but also remains at the forefront of gastronomic trends, capturing the continued interest of its customers.

Are you ready to be part of the Hits Noodles family in Asturias? This is your opportunity to embark on an exciting journey to business success. Join us today and explore all that Hits Noodles has to offer. Start your journey to success with the best restaurant franchise in Asturias!

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Profitability of a franchise

Local surface 160 m2
Investment 120.000 €
Sales 300.000 €
Profit 45.000 €
Return on investment 29%
Payback period 2.9 years

This table is an example and an approximation, it is not subject to reality, it is made for franchises in Asturias, to obtain information you can contact us directly.

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill presents itself as an emerging franchise in the restaurant industry, highlighting its deep connection to Mediterranean cuisine passed down through generations. With more than 30 years of experience in hospitality, its founders emphasize the desire to make every meal an unforgettable memory, using classic family recipes and natural ingredients to offer a wide range of options, from grilled kebabs to tender gyros and authentic desserts. They are looking for master licensing partners to expand their presence internationally, promoting a business model based on quality, fresh ingredients and the creation of an exceptional culinary experience for each customer.

The Great Greek’s focus is not only on preparing meals that exceed customer expectations using high quality ingredients but also on fostering a family atmosphere for both customers and franchisees. The brand is committed to treating customers like family, ensuring that the experience at each of its stores is memorable. By joining the franchise, partners benefit from decades of experience and the universal appeal of a healthy and tasty cuisine that seeks to expand its global presence while maintaining a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill

1000 Apples

1000 Manzanas is a franchise that combines elements of an Asturian cider house with a regional products store and cider pouring area, standing out for its treatment of cider and the promotion of this tradition among its customers. The brand is operated by Logística de Productos Asturianos, S.L., a partnership that includes Sidra Cortina and Grupo Estrategias, combining experience in cider production, franchising, marketing and communication. They seek to grow in Spain while maintaining the legal independence of the franchisee but ensuring quality standards and a consistent brand identity through centralized guidelines.

Its establishments offer a dual experience: a food court with typical Asturian dishes and a retail section with gastronomic products from Asturias. They stand out for not requiring smoke venting or specialized kitchen personnel, which reduces operating costs and facilitates management. The concept seeks to differentiate itself by focusing on product quality, a modern and welcoming environment, and customer and employee loyalty.

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The Yoping franchise introduces an innovative business model centered on frozen yogurt, promising to be a profitable addition to existing establishments. This franchise, backed by Central Lechera Asturiana, offers not only an opportunity to increase the profitability of hospitality businesses but also to modernize them with stands specifically designed to complement any space dedicated to catering.

Franchisees will benefit from various financing options tailored to their needs, ensuring a quick and hassle-free installation, including everything needed to operate, from equipment to supplies such as syrups and toppings. Central Lechera Asturiana supports Yoping with integrated advertising strategies, from social media promotion to direct communication with its Asturiana Club members, facilitating a successful and sustained market launch.


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Number of franchises 5
Average fee Not confirmed
Minimum Investment 120.000€

You can check the city areas of Asturias to locate your successful franchise.


profitable franchise in oviedo

Undoubtedly Oviedo, the capital of Asturias is one of the best locations to install profitable franchises in Asturias.


profitable franchise in gijon

Gijón, standing out as the most populated city in Asturias, emerges as one of the most attractive locations for the establishment of profitable franchises in Asturias.


profitable franchise in aviles

Avilés is distinguished by its rich historical heritage and its modern cultural center, positioning itself as a privileged place for entrepreneurship in Asturias. Its unique combination of tradition and avant-garde creates an ideal environment for profitable franchises in Asturias looking for a welcoming and diverse community.


profitable franchise in langreo

Langreo, with its deep roots in the industrial history of Asturias, is today reinventing itself as a center of innovation and development. This city offers fertile ground for profitable franchises in Asturias, benefiting from its active and entrepreneurial population.


profitable franchise in mieres

Mieres, the heart of the Asturian Caudal, stands out for its commitment to education and culture. The city, surrounded by a unique natural landscape, presents exceptional opportunities for profitable franchises in Asturias.

Cangas de Onís

cangas de onis

Cangas de Onís, gateway to the Picos de Europa, is a tourist enclave without equal in Asturias. Its natural and patrimonial wealth makes it a favorite destination for profitable franchises in Asturias.



Llanes, with its impressive coastline and lively atmosphere, is a tourist destination par excellence. This picturesque village offers an unbeatable setting for restaurant franchises in Asturias, taking advantage of its popularity among national and international visitors.

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