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Franchise in HITS Noodles and create barriers to entry, a franchise in Asturias with a high level of profitability.

Investing in a franchise in Asturias gives you immediate access to a brand with market recognition, which is vital to attract customers from day one. Brand visibility, combined with strategic marketing campaigns and effective advertising, creates a solid platform on which to build your business.

From the moment you sign up, you will receive detailed training not only on how the business works, but also on the management and operational strategies that have led to the success of other franchisees.

Asturias is emerging as the ideal scenario for entrepreneurs looking to invest in a proven business model with significant growth potential.

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Why a franchise in Asturias?

The presence of big international names in the market may seem to be an indication of success and guaranteed profitability. However, this perception does not always align with the reality of the numbers and franchisee experience.

Surprisingly, it is not these global giants that always offer the highest rates of return to their investors. On the other hand, franchises with a shorter history in the market often prove to be the real gems in terms of profitability.

Restaurant franchise statistics

Number of franchises 16
Average fee Not confirmed
Minimum Investment 120.000€

A great opportunity, FRANCHISE yourself in just one step.

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Profitable Franchises in Asturias

Discovering the perfect profitable franchise in Asturias requires taking into account a number of crucial elements that are undoubtedly key to business success.

Choosing the right location is critical. A profitable franchise in Asturias in a city with a high flow of potential customers and little saturation of competitors can make the difference between success and stagnation.

Analyzing the target market is essential. A profitable franchise satisfies a specific need or captures an untapped market niche. Understanding market trends and consumer preferences can give you a significant competitive advantage.

Long-term profitability must be your goal. Invest in a franchise with a proven track record of success or those that, although new, show robust growth potential. Transparent numbers and positive evolution are indicative of a profitable franchise in Asturias. In HITS Noodles we already have 5 locations and all of them are profitable. Our quest for expansion as a profitable Thai food franchise is a great attraction, as it enjoys great profitability in Spain.

Choose a franchise that offers solid support in critical areas such as training, marketing and operational strategy. A profitable franchise relationship is based on ongoing support and collaboration, ensuring that both franchisor and franchisee thrive together.

Read on to learn about the best profitable franchises in Asturias that you can apply for!

Hits Noodles

Hits Noodles emerges as a profitable franchise in Asturias that promises to revolutionize the restaurant industry with its exquisite Thai food proposal. This franchise not only stands out for offering dishes with original recipes and authentic flavors, but it has also managed to adapt perfectly to the Spanish palate with its special touch, creating a unique culinary experience that is difficult to replicate by other businesses in the sector.

The franchise has proven to be a profitable bet thanks to its ability to generate a significant market barrier, making the entry of competitors difficult and ensuring a privileged position in the Asturian hospitality industry, regardless of the existing level of competition.

The investment in a HITS Noodles franchise is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to become part of a network of restaurant franchises in Asturiaswhich not only promises economic benefits, but also the backing of a brand name. with a strong image and a recognized level of quality.

Let yourself fall in love with the Hits Noodles experience and become the next investor in one of the best profitable franchises in Asturias!

franchise in barcelona

Profitability of a franchise
Local surface 130 m2
Investment 120.000 €
Sales 280.000 €
Profit 50.000 €
Return on investment 31%
Payback period 2.8 years

This table is an example and an approximation, it is not subject to reality, it is made for franchises in Asturias, to obtain information you can contact us directly.

Royal Kids

Royal Kids offers an indoor playground concept for children from 0 to 12 years old, providing a safe, climate-controlled space where children can explore and have fun. The brand stands out for creating imaginative and cheerful environments, with colorful visuals and designs that capture children’s attention, promoting an environment of family entertainment. It focuses on adapting to the needs of its clients, offering a positive and happy experience for children.

The Royal Kids franchise has some benefits, such as technical support, professional training, and access to approved games with preferential prices, all oriented to the financial and operational success of the franchisee. It requires no previous experience, as it provides full training and ongoing support, looking for motivated people to join its network of leading parks in Europe, promising rapid growth and return on investment in this sector.

Office Evolution

Office Evolution has been perfecting its coworking concept since 2003, focusing on suburban markets and offering flexible coworking solutions for a business-minded clientele. The franchise is distinguished by its strategic locations, thoughtful space design, and welcoming culture, positioning itself as a leader in the coworking sector in partnership with CoWorks and United Franchise Group. Its business model promotes environments focused on productivity, innovation, and interconnection, ranging from individual desktops to entire offices.

The benefits of joining Office Evolution include regular income, a semi-absentee business model, and a lean operation, ideal for owners looking to be part of a growing market with steady demand for flexible coworking spaces. This sector, which represents a significant percentage of commercial real estate in the U.S., has experienced rapid growth and is expected to continue to expand. Office Evolution offers training and support, highlighting the opportunity for entrepreneurs to contribute to this growth while achieving personal and professional success.

Body Fit Training (BFT)

Body Fit Training (BFT) presents itself as a rapidly expanding fitness franchise since its founding in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia, by Cameron Falloon. With more than 250 studios in 600 cities in 7 countries and ongoing expansion plans, BFT stands out for its science-based, customized training programs designed to maximize performance and ensure results. This growth is based on a business model with low initial investment, low operating costs, and a philosophy centered on a fair and honest working relationship between franchisor and franchisee.

BFT seeks motivated and committed franchisees, offering an attractive financial model, full specialized support, and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the franchisee’s continued success and growth. BFT training is varied and tailored to each individual, fostering a unique community of members who value high performance and program diversity. The franchise promises a proven return on investment and offers ongoing training and 24/7 support, highlighting its commitment to the success of its franchisees and the satisfaction of its partners.

Buy profitable franchises in Asturias

Asturias, with its enchanting landscape and rich culture, presents an exceptional opportunity for those interested in investing in a profitable franchise. This region, known for its natural beauty and commitment to preserving its traditions, offers a unique environment for entrepreneurship and business development.

The gastronomic sector in Asturias, in particular, benefits from a rich culinary tradition and a growing demand for new gastronomic experiences, making the region an ideal location for a restaurant franchise.

Betting on a franchise like HITS Noodles in Asturias is not only an investment in a business with growth potential, but also an opportunity to enrich the gastronomic panorama of the region.

Join Hits Noodles and enjoy your profitable franchise in Asturias!

As you can see, franchising is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY that you can’t pass up. Below, we suggest places in Asturias where to locate your next profitable franchise.

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profitable franchise in oviedo

Undoubtedly Oviedo, the capital of Asturias is one of the best locations to install profitable franchises in Asturias.


profitable franchise in gijon

Gijón, standing out as the most populated city in Asturias, emerges as one of the most attractive locations for the establishment of profitable franchises in Asturias.


profitable franchise in aviles

Avilés is distinguished by its rich historical heritage and its modern cultural center, positioning itself as a privileged place for entrepreneurship in Asturias. Its unique combination of tradition and avant-garde creates an ideal environment for profitable franchises in Asturias looking for a welcoming and diverse community.


profitable franchise in langreo

Langreo, with its deep roots in the industrial history of Asturias, is today reinventing itself as a center of innovation and development. This city offers fertile ground for profitable franchises in Asturias, benefiting from its active and entrepreneurial population.


profitable franchise in mieres

Mieres, the heart of the Asturian Caudal, stands out for its commitment to education and culture. The city, surrounded by a unique natural landscape, presents exceptional opportunities for profitable franchises in Asturias.

Cangas de Onís

cangas de onis

Cangas de Onís, gateway to the Picos de Europa, is a tourist enclave without equal in Asturias. Its natural and patrimonial wealth makes it a favorite destination for profitable franchises in Asturias.



Llanes, with its impressive coastline and lively atmosphere, is a tourist destination par excellence. This picturesque village offers an unbeatable setting for restaurant franchises in Asturias, taking advantage of its popularity among national and international visitors.

Exclusive designs and advertising for our HITS Noodles franchise.

diseño gráfico de grandes franquicias en madrid

The cost to buy a profitable restaurant franchise in Asturias usually varies depending on the type and location of the business, but on average it is estimated to be from 120,000 and up.

In a profitable restaurant franchise in Asturias, such as Hits Noodles, support is provided in areas such as

  • Training
  • Advertising
  • Inventory supply
  • Business management

In general, profitable restaurant franchises in Asturias have strict policies regarding décor and menu to maintain a consistent and recognizable brand image throughout their locations.

Location is crucial to the success of a profitable restaurant franchise in Asturias, as a good location can boost sales, while a poor location can significantly affect sales.

Although having experience in the food industry can be beneficial, it is not essential for acquiring a restaurant franchise in Asturias, as many franchises offer training and assistance in running the business for those with no previous experience in this industry.

A great opportunity, FRANCHISE yourself in just one step.