Franchise Restaurants in Valladolid

Looking to enter the exciting world of catering? Restaurant franchises in Valladolid are the key to realize that business dream you are longing for.

Imagine running your own gastronomic business in a city full of charm and tradition, where good food and hospitality are part of its essence. Restaurant franchises in Valladolid offer you the opportunity to make that dream come true, taking advantage of the prestige of a consolidated brand, as well as its marketing strategies and operational resources.

Valladolid is the perfect place to invest in a restaurant franchise. Discover how you can leverage the success of a recognized brand, giving you a solid foundation to establish and expand your restaurant business with confidence.

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Profitable franchises in Valladolid of restaurants

Discover the best opportunities in the world of restaurant franchises in Valladolid.

If you are thinking of joining the world of restaurant franchises in Valladolid, look no further. Hits Noodles offers you a unique opportunity to enter with confidence and guaranteed success.

With Hits Noodles, you will not only be investing in a consolidated and recognized brand, but you will also be choosing a clear path towards business success in Valladolid. Our franchise has a solid reputation and a proven track record of growth.

Finding the perfect franchise can be the key to standing out in the competitive world of restaurants in Valladolid. We are committed to providing you with the best restaurant franchise experience, making sure you find the ideal option that aligns with your business goals and vision.

In addition, we understand that stringent licensing requirements may be an obstacle for many investors. With Hits Noodles, we offer you a streamlined process and ongoing support so you can focus on growing your business without hassle.


Number of franchises 5
Average Canon Not confirmed
Minimum Investment 120.000€

Hits Noodles

Discover the opportunity to be part of Hits Noodles in Valladolid, a restaurant franchise that is transforming the gastronomic world with its exquisite Thai food offer.

At Hits Noodles you will not only find a restaurant, but a true gastronomic experience. With a selection of themed dishes and unparalleled quality, Hits Noodles stands out as a unique option among restaurant franchises in Valladolid.

What makes Hits Noodles so special? In addition to its exquisite food, Hits Noodles provides an unprecedented investment opportunity. Backed by multiple successful locations throughout Spain, this franchise offers solid and guaranteed profitability for investors.

Hits Noodles is designed to adapt perfectly to the preferences of the Valladolid public, creating a solid presence within a 2 km radius around each location and offering affordable options for all budgets.

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Profitability of a franchise

Local surface 160 m2
Investment 120.000 €
Sales 300.000 €
Profit 45.000 €
Return on investment 29%
Payback period 2.9 years

This table is an example and an approximation, it is not subject to reality, it is made for franchises in Valladolid, to obtain information you can contact us directly.

Pizza Leña

Pizza Leña, the first franchise of artisan wood-fired pizzerias, offers a low-investment business model for those interested in opening their own pizzeria. With its workshop of handmade pizzas made in a stone oven, they distribute their products throughout Spain and Portugal. They stand out for their commitment to quality, using unique dough and premium ingredients selected from national and international suppliers.

In addition, they offer logistical advice on installation, training, supervision and operational support, as well as marketing support. Although they do not impose monthly royalties, Pizza Leña offers unique economic conditions in the market.


Croissant Express 365

Croissanteria EXPRESS 365 presents a new model of proximity bakery-minimarket, characterized by its small size and high dynamics, open 365 days a year. Sized between 50 m2 and 80 m2 and operated by two workers, this franchise achieves a significant daily turnover. Its focus is on the sale of bakery and pastry products, not including cafeteria and tasting areas, along with a minimarket section.

Croissanteria EXPRESS 365 stands out for offering a variety of high quality products at competitive prices, providing a close and personalized service that attracts customers on a daily basis.


Click Chef

Click Chef is a franchise of ghost kitchens, also known as dark kitchens, that offers home delivery and take-out, grouping five successful hospitality brands in a single location. This type of franchises, focused on fast food delivery, has experienced a remarkable growth due to the increasing demand driven by the lack of time to cook. The key to success lies in offering quality and differentiated products, as well as in the strategic location of the premises near residential and office areas.

Click Chef presents a variety of dining options, from grilled meats and wood-fired pizzas to authentic Mexican cuisine, French pastries and homemade Spanish dishes, providing a wide range of flavors to satisfy customers’ tastes.

Gelato di Roma

Gelato di Roma, a franchise from Italy, introduces a new concept of gelato-cafeterias in Spain. Aiming to offer the authentic Italian-style gelato experience, Gelato di Roma fuses tradition and craftsmanship to achieve the characteristic taste and creaminess of Italian gelato. Inspired by artisanal methods, all processes at Gelato di Roma are distinguished by their attention to detail, both in terms of product quality and aesthetic presentation.

The franchise constantly strives to reinvent and perfect traditional Italian recipes, combining passion and craftsmanship with innovation to offer the best in the world of gelato.


A great opportunity, FRANCHISE in just one step.

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Number of franchises 5
Average fee Not confirmed
Minimum Investment 120.000€

You can check the Valladolid city areas to locate your successful franchise.

Paseo de Zorrilla


The Paseo de Zorrilla neighborhood in Valladolid is one of the most emblematic and lively in the city. Located in the heart of Valladolid, this neighborhood is known for its intense commercial life and cozy atmosphere. Along its famous Paseo, there are numerous stores, restaurants and cafes that attract both residents and visitors.

In addition, the neighborhood offers a wide variety of services and amenities, including parks, sports centers and recreational spaces, making it an ideal place to set up your profitable franchise in Valladolid.



Parquesol is a modern residential neighborhood that combines an excellent quality of life with a wide range of services and activities. With its wide boulevard, parks and green areas, Parquesol is an ideal place to enjoy the outdoors and recreation. It also has a diverse selection of stores, restaurants and entertainment venues, making it a popular destination for residents and visitors alike.

With a solid infrastructure and an active community, Parquesol offers a dynamic and welcoming environment for those looking to establish a profitable franchise in Valladolid.

St. Paul’s Church

saint paul church valladolid

The Church of San Pablo is an architectural jewel in the heart of Valladolid. Built in the 15th century, this Gothic church has an impressive facade adorned with ornamental details and sculptures that reflect the historical and cultural richness of the city.

In addition to being an important site of worship, St. Paul’s Church is also a tourist attraction which attracts people from all over the world who want to explore the fascinating history and architectural beauty of Valladolid, making it a great place to locate your profitable franchise in Valladolid.

Las Delicias


The Las Delicias neighborhood is known for its peaceful atmosphere and quality of life. With a combination of residential and commercial areas, this neighborhood offers a wide variety of services and amenities for its residents. In addition, it has green spaces and parks that invite leisure and contact with nature.

Las Delicias also stands out for its gastronomic diversity, with a wide range of restaurants and bars to satisfy all tastes. It is a cozy and familiar place to consider to locate your profitable franchise in Valladolid.

La Victoria


Locating your next profitable franchise in Valladolid in the neighborhood of La Victoria is a very wise decision. this neighborhood is known for its picturesque cobblestone streets and well-preserved historic buildings.

In addition, the neighborhood is home to important landmarks, such as the Church of Our Lady of Victory, which attract both residents and visitors.

You can achieve your franchise with us, Hits Noodles. Join and expand, we do the hard work for you to have a successful business.

A great opportunity, FRANCHISE yourself in just one step.

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