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Thai Restaurant

Hits Noodles: The best Thai taste

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Our charter

We have more than 20 dishes to choose from. At Hits Noodles it is synonymous with fresh, nutritious and tasty food.

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Order Hits Noodles to enjoy with whomever you want. Come and get it or we’ll bring it to you. You choose!

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Find your nearest Hits Noodles and enjoy the best asian flavor in your city!

The Hits Noodles Franchise Opportunity

Hits Noodles is located in different cities in Spain, providing a unique experience.

If you still doubt it, you can always visit one of our locations to enjoy the best Thai food near you.

Among other locations, we have open applications for franchises in the following locations.

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Our spirit

Our philosophy is based on serving healthy and quality food, in a pleasant and design environment, offering an impeccable service at a very competitive price.

A formula that combines the philosophy of fast food, speed and a competitive price, with the quality of the raw material and the service of traditional cuisine.